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This years Tour was a great success with a record 45 entrants enjoying a wonderful day touring the beautiful Berkshire countryside, judging by the compliments received the event was a great success.

Helen, Terry & the Team

"Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for the excellent organisation and content of this years tour.
It was our first and we really enjoyed the challenges"
Many many thanks … Tony & Steve Brown - Car 40 GNK 923L

"It is difficult to know where to begin to thank you for your organisation of the Classic Harvest Tour yesterday.
As I lay in bed last night - exhausted! - there were so many thousands of images of lanes and views, bends and steep hills, calculations and check points that it took an age to drop off to sleep"

"To be honest, I've little idea of where I've driven for 120 miles,
but what I do know is that I would love to revisit many of those gorgeous places"

"I look forward to seeing your photos – especially those of the Ford.
Thank you and – needless to say – count on my entry for 2009 please"

"Congratulations you did it again - super event and kept the challenge going so much
so that we would like to reserve a place for 2009"

Regards, Barry and Anne Redmayne

"Many thanks for a splendid day - we thoroughly enjoyed the route,
...and the superb weather was the icing on the cake"
Regards, David & Pauline Walton - Car 38 - MGB GT

Follow the links to see pictures of every car entered on this years event, Terry's report and reports from Newcomers Colin and Mark and the experienced crew of Terry and Janet Powell.
And don't forget that professional photographer Tony Large has a superb selection of pictures on his website.

tony beale | webmaster | contact

8 Classic Harvest Tour Entry list

Car Driver Co-Driver X Make/Model Year Reg
1 Kenneth Edwards Paul Richardson click to view pictures Rover P6B 1963 151 FLK
2 Matthew Ollman Peter Gal lick to view pictures Sunbeam Alpine 1967 RLU 380E
3 Michael Bird Brian Morton Click to view pictures Triumph TR6 1974 XLH 988N
4 Mel Chittock Mellie James Click to view pictures Triumph TR3a 1959 PAS 827
5 Terry Powell Janet Powell Click to view pictures Rover V8 3500S 1973 SLF 2L
6 Colin Woodage Mark Church Click to view pictures Morris Mini Cooper 1968 MRD 222F
7 John Unwin Jill Unwin Click to view pictures Reliant Scimitar GTE 1982 TPN 328X
8 Yvonne Unwin Geoff Richards Click to view pictures Reliant Scimitar SSI 1987 E243 WMB
9 Edward McLaren Barbara McLaren Click to view pictures Triumph Roadster 1949 TSJ 346
10 Mike Artivich Jenny Artivich Click to view pictures Mercedes 1972 KFP 292K
11 Paul Rogers Helen Rogers Click to view pictures Mini Cooper S 1967 SRR 84F
12 Julian Pacey Sara Pacey Click to view pictures Austin A40 1968 RBB 681F
13 George Shackleton Robin Shackleton Click to view pictures MGB GT 1972 MAR 190L
14 Nick Barnes Liz Barnes Click to view pictures Austin Healey 100/6 1956 RSJ 526
15 Graham Brennan Adrian Cullimore Click to view pictures Austin Healey 100/4 1955 WAE 387
16 Howard Nelson Beverley Nelson Click to view pictures MG 2002 WA52 NFJ
17 Neil Lott Darryl Cleevely Click to view pictures Escort Mexico Mk1 1970 XCV 683J
18 Adam Hieke Richard Sloman Click to view pictures Triumph GT6 1967 SUF 798H
19 Martin Madge Robert Madge Click to view pictures Volvo Amazon 1966 OUC 1F
20 Steve Morris Trudie Brown Click to view pictures Volvo Amazon 131 1967 LHA 360E
21 Barry Redmayne Anne Redmayne Click to view pictures Triumph TR3a 1959 VFF 252
22 Cliff Talkington Margaret Dunster Click to view pictures Morris Marina 1.8TC Convertible 1975 HGM 518N
23 Peter Houghton Sheila Mawdsley Click to view pictures Austin Healey Sprite MK1 1960 604 XUD
24 Richard Scott Christine Scott Click to view pictures Mercedes 280SL 1968 BLF 48H
25 Philip Lloydabbott Jasmine Vaughan Click to view pictures Humber Hawk 1955 OTM 297
26 Nigel Bartram Tina Bartram Click to view pictures JBA Falcon Tourer 1980 RFK 45W
27 John Barton Janice Brown Click to view pictures Sunbeam Rapier IIIa 1962 YCJ 259
28 Ed Chambers Mags Sizer Click to view pictures MGB GT 1968 RJH 280F
29 Lorimer Burn Richard Duncalfe Click to view pictures Daimler SP250 1960 250 BOL
30 Jim Porter Joe Porter Click to view pictures MG TF 1954 LKU 720
31 Ian MacKenzie Peter Martin Click to view pictures MGB GT V8 1973 OFR 531M
32 Sue MacKenzie Liz Martin Click to view pictures MGB GT V8 1974 THK 500N
33 John Smith Chris Campsall Click to view pictures Suzuki Cappuccino 1994 M510 RWG
34 Ian Martingale Stuart Martingale Click to view picture Ford Escort 1969 JPP 207G
35 Sally Rowe Adrian Collins Click to view pictures Ford Escort 1981 PFL 224X
36 Chris Langdon Heather Langdon Click to view pictures Morris Mini Cooper S 1970 RVC 254H
37 Chris Parkes Pam Spurling Click to view pictures Saab 96 850 Sport 1964 BNE 252B
38 David Walton Pauline Walton Click to view pictures MGB GT 1967 HMR 531E
39 Martin Saunders Ruth Bardsley Click to view pictures Ford Escort RS2000 1980 YUY 228W
40 Tony Brown Steven Brown Click to view pictures Ford Escort Mexico Mk1 1972 GNK 923L
41 Nick Gurney-Sharpe Andy Sharpe Click to view pictures MGC GT 1968 XUR 497F
42 Juliet Holland Catherine Holland Click to view pictures Austin Mini Cooper 1968 TJJ 808F
43 Brian Dwelly Janette Dwelly Click to view pictures Morris Minor Saloon 1959 226 ENY
44 Charles East Dick Hall Click to view pictures Ford Prefect 107E 1960 XHO 389
45 Stephen Brown Luke Allies Click to view pictures Sunbeam Talbot 1980 PLE 715W

This year we were pleased to have professional photographer Tony Large with us,
please visit his website to view his superb selection of pictures.

Tony Large website link (click on the 'rallying' link)

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Picture Gallery

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Classic Harvest Tour - The Organisers view

After weeks of bad weather it was great to see the sun peeking through the early morning mist as we set out from the start hotel south west of Reading.

The bulk of this year's route took place in the Chiltern Hills, so the first task was to get to the opposite side of Reading using the straightforward and easy to follow tulip road book that took crews via mostly wide open roads around the south of the city and then via the Land's End ford near Twyford where a small crowd had gathered to watch the cars go through. Most managed well with just a couple of crews having to remove their shoes and socks and to push their cars to dry land. Then after crossing the Thames in the beautiful Sonning village, the first leg came to end at the Herb Farm in Sonning Common where crews took a break to enjoy some delicious pastries.

The second leg started with crews being presented with the first of seven navigational challenges. These are just for fun, but they do give navigators some sense of the sorts of navigation they could be confronted with if they took part in a navigational road rally. On the Harvest Tour it makes no difference whether navigators tackle the handouts or not since they only show the correct route through complex junctions and make no difference to the overall route taken.

Much of the second leg passed through ancient Chiltern woodland, over half of which have remained wooded for at least the last 400 years, and by now the sun was streaming through the trees making some beautiful views for the crews as they wound their way first westwards and then back towards the north and east via narrow lanes through the villages of Rotherfield Peppard, Stoke Row, Bix and the Assendons. The leg finished with a run through Gussets Wood where the sharp eyed were able to spot a massive herd of deer in the valley beside the road, as they ran down to the final manned checkpoint.


Lunch was taken in the picturesque village of Hambleden, which is a genuinely beautiful spot. With its brick and flint cottages nestling against a backdrop of the Chiltern Hills and the extensive woodlands of the Hambleden estate it is in every film location scout's address book, listed under quintessential English countryside. 101 Dalmatians and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang were filmed here, as were television productions such as The Village Affair, Midsomer Murders and Daniel Deronda.

Many people took lunch in the village pub whilst the remainder ate their picnics in the parking field, which was kindly loaned to the event by the Hambleden estate.

Unfortunately the lunch break was soon over and crews set off on a long loop around the whole area already explored, including visiting some of the higher hills, where spectacular views over Oxfordshire were to be found. Here the wooded areas of leg two were left behind in favour of the open rolling countryside east of Wallingford. But this made no difference to the lanes which continued to be narrow and twisty.

A trip over the toll bridge at Pangbourne finished the event, and weary crews started arriving back at the hotel just after four o-clock for a welcome cup of tea and a snack. All crews that finished were presented with finishers awards and by six o-clock, were off on what for some was a long trip home.

For us another Classic Harvest Tour had come to an end, and all of the hard work to put the event on seems to have been worthwhile, as a number of entrants were kind enough to compliment us. But of course it takes a lot of people to make the event a success, so I would like to thank everyone involved and hope they enjoyed the day enough to want to come back again next year.

Terry Schraider

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The Classic Harvest Tour - 2008 Entrants reports

An experienced rallyist view - Terry & Janet Powell

The 5th Harvest Tour on 21st September, built on the success of the previous tours providing an excellent days motoring for the 45 entrants.

A stunning array of cars were present from Sunbeam Rapiers, MGs through to Mini Coppers and Healeys with the most successful crew of Matthew Ollman & Peter Gal in the Sunbeam Alpine who attempted all of the optional rallying features and gained only 1 penalty, whilst the crew of Ken Edwards and Paul Richardson in the ex works Rover 3500s. had only 2 penalties

As my navigator and I had taken part in the previous tours we decided to change seats which gave me the opportunity to navigate for the first time, and Janet the chance to drive, a number of crews had decided to do this with some very interesting results.

Starting from The Comfort Hotel just south of Theale in Berkshire the route was through some wonderful Berkshire countryside, the choice of going through a ford was taken by most crews, with an alternative route if required, the coffee halt at Richard Scott's Herb Farm at Sonning Common was a welcome break on a lovely sunny day.

The next section took us through the lanes of the Chilton valley and a lunch halt in the picturesque village of Hambleden, famous for featuring in such films such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and 101 Dalmatians. The Stag and Hounds pub where lunch was arranged had been pre booked via the organisers for those who wanted a meal.

The final section was more woodland lanes dappled with sun, soaring Red Kites in the distance and quiet Chiltern villages, thence back to the Comfort Hotel where tea and sandwiches were laid on while the crews chatted about their day and the results were calculated.

The road book was easy to follow, with navigational hints and concise descriptions, the organisers had introduced an optional personal challenge that took the form of hand outs at various controls that gave alternative routes and the use of false code boards, even some of the experienced crews found this difficult to say the least.

Congratulations are due to the crews with the least number of penalty points, commiserations to Robin and George Shackleton who won the Ecurie Golden Boot award for the worst placed experienced crew who changed seats, a most pleasing result, Robin, navigating, managed to take an incorrect route, miss read instructions and many other misdemeanours, perhaps he should stick to dog breeding and his lawnmower sales.

This is a great event for novices and experienced crews alike, next year we shall be back, we would not miss it, Terry and his Team should be congratulated on the smooth running of this friendly, value for money day out.

Terry and Janet Powell


A novice’s view – Colin Woodage and Mark Church

The 2008 Harvest Tour marked our third time on the event, unlike the two previous tours in which we just followed the route on the road book and not attempting any personal challenge handouts.

This time we decided to give them a go and see what happens. Much to our surprise we completed the event with only 6 penalty points. To date our best result.

We put this down to taking a more steady pace and attempting the personnel challenges, as not doing them soon mounts up unwanted penalty points.

Once again as on previous tours a great route was found by the very professional and friendly organizing team.

Colin Woodage
Mark Church

Car 6

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