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The wettest Classic Harvest Tour, ever!!

From our base at the Comfort Inn Hotel the weekends activities started on Saturday afternoon when Terry gave some instruction on the basics of rally tuition, this proved very useful for those taking part in
Saturday evenings scatter rally.

For the Harvest Tour, Sunday started grey and cold, and soon the rain came down heavy making this our
9th tour the wettest to date, and not so easy on the entrants.

A special mention goes to all of the marshals who braved the awful conditions to add that competitive
spice to the event.

Once again we had professional photographer Tony Large with us,
please visit his website to view his superb selection of pictures.

Tony Large website link (click on the 'rallying' link)

tony beale | webmaster | contact

Classic Harvest Tour Entry list

Car Driver Co-Driver
Make/Model Year Reg
1 Michael Bird Kevin Hancock Click to view pictures Triumph TR6 1974 XLH 988N
2 Matthew Ollman Peter Gal Click to view pictures Sunbeam Alpine 1967 RLU 380E
3 Andy Simpson Roz Simpson Click to view pictures Mini Clubman 1275GT 1980 YOU 840W
4 Jill White Richard White Click to view pictures Volvo Amazon 1966 GAW 312D
5 Soames Divers Hannah Regan Did not show Alfa Romeo GT 1600    
6 Graham Hallett Trent Clark Click to view pictures Ronat W152 V12 1974 GHH 202
7 John Barton Janice Brown Did not show Sunbeam Rapier S111a 1961 YCJ 259
8 Sarah Blezard Martin Carpenter Click to view pictures Triumph TR6 1974 GOA 939N
9 Mike Stratton Hilary Stratton Click to view pictures Austin 1300GT 1972 TND 579K
10 Nick Barnes Danielle Barnes Click to view pictures Austin Healey 100/6 1956 RSJ 526
11 Anne Bouet Michael Bouet Click to view pictures Alfa Romeo GT 1750 GT 1971 GDA 3J
12 Dorothy Critchley Paul Critchley Click to view pictures MGB GT 1973 MMK 120L
13 Ralph Page Andy Page Click to view pictures TVR S3 1990 H125 POA
14 Joern Schaenzler Andrew Barker Click to view pictures Porsche 911 1984

KBN 911

15 Steve Morris Rob Thomas Click to view pictures Volvo Amazon 131 1967 LHA 360E
16 Luke Allies Angie Oliver Click to view pictures Ford Escort Mexico 1973 OHK 716M
17 Dave Hansford Jill Hansford Click to view pictures Austin Healey 3000 Mk2 1961 2290 VD
18 Brian Dwelly Janette Dwelly Click to view pictures Morris Minor 1000 1959 226 ENY
19 Colin Woodage Mark Church Click to view pictures Morris Mini Cooper 1968 MRD 222F
20 Neil Lott Darryl Cleevely Click to view pictures Ford Escort Mexico Mk1 1970 XCV 683J
21 Mark Highfield Julie Highfield Click to view pictures Morgan 4/4 1968 KWM 685G
22 Steven Edwards TBA Click to view pictures Triumph Stag 1974 HIA 7917
23 Ken Edwards Paul Richardson Click to view pictures Rover P6 1963 FLK 151
24 John Smith Chris Campsall Click to view pictures Suzuki Cappuccino 1994 M510 RWG
25 Diane Hall Dick Hall Click to view pictures MG Midget MkIII 1968 JDX 945F
26 Terry Powell Janet Powell Click to view pictures MGB GT 1969 CGT 187H
27 Jeff Deung Jack Deung Click to view pictures MGC Roadster 1968 60 GYF
28 Derek Peckett Kath Peckett Click to view pictures MGB GT 1973 UGN 273M
29 Paul Rogers Charlie Rogers Click to view pictures Mini Cooper S 1967 SRR 84F
30 Jeff Lawler Tom Lawler Click to view pictures Austin Mini 1971 FYH 980J
31 David Firth Thomas Firth Click to view pictures Daf Rallysport 1974 DAF 1
32 Lourdes Brackenridge Glen Brackenridge Click to view pictures Sunbeam Harrington
Le Mans
1961 536 CNW
33 Ed Chambers Mags Sizer Click to view pictures MGB GT 1981 RPV 69W
34 Paul Goulet TBA Click to view pictures Fiat 126    
35 Andy Weltch Trevor Warner Click to view pictures Nissan Pao 1989 F425 AAB
36 Mike Rysiecki Steve Jenkins Click to view pictures Fiat 124 Spider 1982 XYT 968
37 Don Grey Steve Grey Click to view pictures Lotus Elan S4 1970 KRX 767H
38 Robert Madge-Miall Lisa Moulder Click to view pictures Volvo Amazon 1967 OUC 1F
39 Leslaw Zieleznik Jolanta Zieleznik Click to view pictures Porsche 924S 1987 D480 FYM
40 Nigel Green Melanie Green Click to view pictures Land Rover S11a 1967 KVF 84E
41 Amanda Denny James Denny Click to view pictures MG Midget 1972 VVU 225L
42 Paul Gerring Jan Gerring Click to view pictures Triumph TR5 1968 SAO 440G
43 Fred Wakeling Frances Wakwling Click to view pictures Porsche 911 Carrera 1984 B397 RLO
44 Colin Weekley TBA Click to view pictures Austin Healey 3000 1960 3703 HX
45 Martin Packman Richard Kirby Click to view pictures Triumph TR4 1964 BFL 218B
46 Colin Mitchell Tina Davison Click to view pictures Triumph TR5 1968 VWT 850F
47 Nick Gurney-Sharpe Duncan Mathewson Click to view pictures Mini Cooper S 1967 SMT 76F
48 Allen Houghton Beverley Houghton Click to view pictures Mercedes 300SL 1988 F199 OYO
49 Richard Scott Helen Scott Click to view pictures Mercedes 280SL 1969 BLF 48H
50 Peter Hickman Joan Hickman Did not show Austin Healey 3000 1960 MPV 158
51 Richard Hornsby Jane Hornsby Click to view pictures MGB 1975 HTC 395N
52 Martin Cooper Sahana Cooper Click to view pictures Austin Healey 1960 6077 VW

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23rd September 2012

Picture Gallery

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Organisers Report

Wet wet wet; no not the 80’s pop group; this year’s weather.

I stood with the marshal at the lunch break for 30 minutes and got completely soaked by the heavy horizontal rain. The marshal had to stand there for two hours in order to check all of the cars in, and then out again - such dedication! Where would British motorsport be without volunteer marshals?

Perversely, the weather on Saturday was glorious, more like normal Harvest Tour weather, and more than 30 people turned up for the complementary navigator training session. Unfortunately I was a bit optimistic in the amount that could be done in the two hours available and some of the exercises I had planned ended up as homework.

After dinner on Saturday I had organised a competitive scatter rally which 14 crews had entered. As in 2011, this event was won by the local expert, but it was interesting to see how much the less experienced crews have improved since last year’s attempt. Perhaps, if I run this event next year, I will reduce the amount of navigation and increase the time for driving so as to level the playing field a little.

Sunday started fine and all 50 starters were able to get through scrutineering without getting wet, but the rain started soon after we left the HQ hotel on the A4 near Reading.

The first section took in the lanes around Stratfield Saye, the estate given to the Duke of Wellington after his success at the battle of Waterloo, including a drive around the Wellington monument after permission was given by the estate manager. This section included a couple of tricky junctions with strategically placed controls that saw a number of crews being told they had a wrong approach. Also a modification of the route to the coffee stop, due to a bridge being closed, created a little confusion with some crews arriving at coffee having missed part of the route.

The coffee stop was hosted by the National Police Improvement Agency facility at Bramshill where crews were allowed to enter the 16th century mansion to take coffee and examine the many exhibits relating to the history of policing.

The second short section visited the lanes around Silchester, including a drive alongside the Roman walls of Calleva Atrebatum. The nearby ford was, as usual, no more than a splash despite the rain, and some of the puddles were beginning to present more of a challenge.

The lunch halt was at the Milestones; Basingstokes Museum of Living History. Here cars were parked on the picnic field where, in previous years, crews have enjoyed sitting on the grass to eat, or casually working around looking at the cars. This year crews sprinted across the field to the café and hid until it was their time to leave.

The longest section of the day was from lunch back to the HQ hotel, and the torrential rain was making the driving harder, with some lanes actually flooded. The route took in the views over the North Downs before skirting the Aldermarston facility and heading back to the finish.

Despite the weather everyone was in high spirits when they reached the finish and some said that the arduous conditions made the event even more exciting. So much so that over thirty crews immediately reserved places on next year’s event. I guess that means we are going to have to run one.

Finally I must mention the marshals again. Most of them managed three controls during the day in the most horrendous conditions and we never saw anything but smiles from any of them. I have nothing but admiration for them and the round of applause they received from the entrants at the finish was well deserved.

Terry Schraider

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A novice's view -Andy Weltch and Trevor Warner

I must say that before this event, I (Andy) hadn’t actually considered myself a novice.  I’d done several scenic tours over the past couple of years – gently trundling around the countryside, with time to take in the views and stop for a picnic.

So I had no hesitation in inviting my old friend Trevor to join me for my first Classic Harvest Tour. “Tulip navigation is easy,” I told him. “Anyway there’s a free session on Saturday to explain it all.”

When we sat down for that Saturday session under tutor Terry Schraider, I began to suspect I had misjudged. Our beers on the table perhaps indicated we hadn’t been prepared for the informative tutorial that followed – much less the navigational exercises we had to complete.

“Honestly, Trevor – we won’t need all this tomorrow. It’ll be simple – this is just background for people who want to do more serious events.” I’m not sure he believed me. I wasn’t sure I believed it myself.

Out in the hotel car park afterwards, we inspected the arrivals for the evening’s scatter event, which we had taken care not to enter – saving our limited energy for the main event on Sunday. These were purposeful-looking cars – roll cages, full seat harnesses, trip counters, even holders for a set of highlighter pens.

Our equipment comprised a clipboard and a pen. We didn’t even have an odometer that read miles – our Japanese import Nissan Pao talks in kilometres and doesn’t have a trip counter. 

Despite our lack of preparation, Sunday started well – we turned the right way out of the hotel car park (!) and managed to stick to the route for most of the first stage. Somehow, however, we missed some instructions and arrived at Bramshill for coffee ahead of schedule, along with one or two others. Never mind – more time to admire the amazing house and finish off the biscuits.

The next stage, with me still at the wheel, and Trevor getting more confident with the navigation, went even more smoothly. We may have missed the odd POP board (having somehow missed the note which explained what LWAT meant), but the “Easilarity” instructions really suited us – no mistakes and we got to the Milestones museum for lunch on time.

By now the weather was pretty grim, so a sit-down in the museum café and a browse of the gift shop gave us a welcome break.

We swapped seats for the afternoon, with me on navigation (oh dear) and Trevor at the wheel. Guessing at mileages isn’t the ideal way to navigate an event like this, but we only missed a few turns (I know this is like a waiter saying “I only dropped a few plates”) and actually reached the final checkpoint ahead of schedule. Oops – that was worse than being late!

Anyway, we made it back to the hotel for tea - and somehow we didn’t come last.

Many thanks to Terry and Helen for a superbly organised event, hats off to the marshals for their good cheer and efficiency in miserable conditions, and thanks to everyone else for making us – and our funny little car – so welcome.




Andy Weltch and Trevor Warner


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