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2015 CLassic Harvest Tour entry

Car Driver Co-Driver X Make/Model Year
1 John Hill Jenny Hill Did not show MGB GT 1969
2 Hilary Stratton Chris Flemington Click to view pictures Austin 1300GT 1972
3 Graham Hallett Trent Clark Click to view pictures Ronart W152 V12 1978
4 Matthew Ollman Peter Gal Click to view pictures Sunbeam Alpine 1967
5 Michael Bird Kevin Hancock Click to view pictures Triumph TR6 1974
6 Paul Burton Arlene Burton Click to view pictures Austin Healey 100/6 1957
7 Andy Simpson Roz Simpson Click to view pictures MG Metro 1984
8 Steve Morris Rob Thomas Click to view pictures Mazda MX5 1992
9 Richard Sloman Steve Weston Click to view pictures Ford Cortina Mk1 1966
10 Mark Highfield Julie Highfield Click to view pictures Morgan 4/4 1968
11 Brian Dwelly Janette Dwelly Click to view pictures Morris Minor 1000 1959
12 Ian Orford Bob Jones Did not show Volvo Amazon 1968
13 Robert Madge-Miall Lisa Moulder Click to view pictures Volvo Amazon 1967
14 Ken Edwards Barbara Edwards Click to view pictures Rover P6 B 1963
15 Joern Schaenzier Andrew Barker Did not show Porsche 911 1984
16 M Cook-Butler Terry Butler Click to view pictures BMW E30 M3 1989
17 Soames Divers Hannah Regan Click to view pictures Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Junior 1976
18 Neil Lott Darryl Cleevely Click to view pictures Ford Escort Mexico Mk1 1970
19 Dave Hansford Jill Hansford Click to view pictures Austin Healey 3000 1961
20 Derek Peckett Kath Shorrock Click to view pictures MGB GT 1973
21 Fred Wakeling Frances Wakeling Click to view pictures BMW 2002 1976
22 Tony Huggett Rita Wilson Click to view pictures Sunbeam Rapier SIII 1960
23 Tom Pollard Lauren Thomas Click to view pictures MGB GT 1969
24 Peter Hickman Joan Hickman Click to view pictures Austin Healey 3000 1960
25 Jill White Richard White Click to view pictures Volvo Amazon 1966
26 Nigel Brown Trevor Powell Click to view pictures Studebaker Lark 1959
27 Nigel Ellis Pauline Wilcox Click to view pictures Sabb 96 1968
28 Nick Jones Jill Jones Click to view pictures MGB Roadster 1971
29 John Broughall Janet Broughall Click to view pictures Saab 99 1972
30 John Barton Janet Barton Click to view pictures Sunbeam Rapier S111a 1961
31 Eddie Mace Susan Mace Click to view pictures Triumph TR5 1968
32 Chris Hunt Cooke Jane Hunt Cooke Click to view pictures MG TF 1500 1954
33 Nick Gurney-Sharpe Stuart Munroe Click to view pictures Mini Cooper S 1989

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Organiser’s Report

Following various interventions after last year's Classic Harvest Tour we, the organisers, were confronted with significantly more work and expense to meet the bureaucratic requirements for putting on this year's event.

In addition, we were confronted with a number of road closures that required significant changes to the planned route and hence to the route definition in the road book. Given all of this upheaval we were by no means confident that everything was going to go well on the event itself.

Fortunately the rainy weather in the week before the event cleared up on the Saturday and, despite a misty start on Sunday, as the 30 entered cars lined up to start, the day promised a lot of late September sunshine.

Having had to change the nature of the event, but still wishing it to be unique in style, we had devised a variety of ways of defining the route starting with a narrative description of the first section. Regular crews, who are used to spending time at the start marking up tulip diagrams found this a little disconcerting, but when they were actually on their way they found it relatively easy to follow.

The morning route took crews up onto the North Downs, visiting Walbury Hill and Chute Causeway before stopping for a quick coffee break in a beautiful thatched pub in Lower Chute. After this break a short jogularity section explored the narrow tree lined lanes around Tangley before a somewhat longer tulip section took crews via the "impossible" hairpin at Dunley and through the lovely village of Saint Mary Bourne on the way to the lunch stop at Wyke Down near Andover. Here many people found the late summer sun warm enough to enjoy the ploughman's lunch provided outside in the garden.

Another new style of navigation led crews over Watership Down to the last tulip section starting near Kingsclere. This took crews on a route that skirted Tadley and visited the water splash and incredible Roman walls at Silchester before finishing just north of Mortimer. Here crews were confronted with the final route definition style, a marked map. Although for those who thought this was too much of a challenge, a tulip route direct to the finish was also provided.

As this year's route was restricted to 100 miles to keep authorisation fees to a minimum, we felt something extra was required to overcome the early afternoon finish, so a few untimed tests were set out in the finish car park to determine how well drivers knew their cars. Here it quickly became evident that most drivers have become too used to the power steering of modern cars, as they found it difficult to park their classic cars in a confined space. Most finishing more than two feet from the kerb. Other tests, judging the length and width of their cars, were found to be easier by most drivers. The totals of measurements accumulated varied considerably, but the lowest, and hence best, score was achieved by Mark Highfield in his Morgan.

The event finished with a very welcome cup of tea and a cream scone and, despite the worries at the start, everyone seemed to enjoy the event and its new format. This was in no small part due to the efforts of the many marshals who helped out on the day, and the organisers would like to sincerely thank them for all their hard work.

We would also like to thank the 30 crews who entered for their faith in the event and for their kind remarks
at the finish.

Terry and Helen

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Entrant's report

Dippy had an MOT service and was all ready to go on The Classic Harvest Tour with Chris Flemington at the steering wheel. I made the journey to West Berkshire from Devon on Thursday 17th September, 136 miles from Ottery St. Mary to spend two nights with Terry and Helen Schraider before the tour started.

Chris needed to have a drive of Dippy before setting out on the tour which promised to be challenging and very different from other events.

An early start was made on Sunday 20th September with signing on and scrutineering completed breakfast of a bacon roll taken and we were all set for the challenges the day would bring. The road book was in a new format for the first section being narrative. As Terry always says read the instructions carefully then read them again. The script was interesting because the passenger who was to guide the driver had to read the instructions well ahead to be able to decide the distances that had to be driven between certain points.

After the first section was completed Dippy had not missing a beat and with Chris driving who by now was slipping into his old ways and enjoying the challenge. The next section was a tulip section with very good diagrams to follow which took us to our coffee break at The Hatchet Inn, Lower Chutes this break was followed by a section of Jogularity just to keep us on our toes, then more tulips.

Wow! A lovely buffet lunch followed the fourth section, first class and very welcome. We wait for our due time to leave. The second half instructions were distributed, and we left at minute intervals looked at the next navigational challenge this was another different format of navigation mileages and angles or straight lines (called a Herringbone). Different but we managed to get round the section OK.

The event finished with another tulip section and should one wish a London Map with points to visit, also a challenge for the driver, how well do you know your car, as far as my driver was concerned not very well. The marshals commented, your everyday car is obviously longer and wider than this one.

The event was first class as usual Helen and Terry's attention to detail was fantastic I can only commend them on all the work they put into the Harvest Tour to make it so enjoyable for all the participants.

Chris is a very long standing friend of mine, I won't say “old friend” so I asked him if he would like to write a few words and give his opinion on the event as he had not done a tour before but has been connected with motorsport for many years

A “drivers” view!
It was over 30 years since I had taken part in any motor sport event and you can, perhaps, understand my apprehension! My apprehension was however unfounded as it turned out to be a fantastic day for a modest return to motor sport.

I certainly learnt a lot and along with some friendly fellow participants enjoyed a route which took us through some of the magnificent countryside to be found in Berkshire and Hampshire. The route was at times challenging but there was also time, not a lot mind you! to take in that wonderful countryside and its wildlife in the form of Partridge, Pheasant and Red Kites etc. No I did keep my eyes on the road although maybe not my ears open being admonished by Hilary for making a wrong slot at one point or was it more than one! (Yes I did say turn right, right, right!)

The route covered different types of roads although there was an abundance of fairly narrow lanes some with surfaces which had seen better days. As a “return” to a motor sport event it was for me a very fair and suitable type of event to make a comeback.

I found the description given to me, as we covered the route, of the roads, junctions and so on very accurate and easy to follow which actually made it a relaxing drive. I had previously marshalled on a number of events and I have to say a very big thank you to all of the Marshalls who took part in helping crews on their way to a fantastic day out.

They were courteous friendly and also had a sense of humour. I say that as at the driving test at the end of the event it became apparent that either I couldn’t drive or as the Marshall put it you must be used to driving a much longer car!! Well both were correct as I think I need a lot more experience to make a better job of listening to my navigator and learning the length and breadth of Dippy!

A very big thank you to Hilary for letting me get behind the wheel of Dippy and to Terry and Helen for their excellent organisational skills in putting together an event which ran smoothly and was a great fun to drive.

Hilary Chris and Dippy

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